About the Press

The scientific journal "Studies & Proceedings of Polish Association for Knowledge Management" is published by the Polish Association for Knowledge Management (PSZW), compliant with the statute. The journal publishes original reviewed scientific papers on Knowledge Management considering IT methods, means as well as systems. There are also published articles on the knowledge transfer and processing as well as on support, development and publicising the scientific achievements in Knowledge Management.

Studies & Proceedings of Polish Association for Knowledge Management deal with publishing original revied scientific papers concerning knowledge management, especially methods, tools, models, knowledge data bases, as well as  problems of knowledge management in organizations.

Subject of the papers encompasses  e.g.:

  • Knowledge Management in the Organization
  • Knowledge Management Application and Tools
  • Business Intelligence Tools and Applications
  • Engineering of Knowledge Management Systems
  • Knowledge Management in Project 
  • Knowledge Management in Processes Analysis
  • Knowledge Management in Administration
  • Knowledge Management in Education
  • Intelligent Learning Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Integrated Management Information Systems
  • Effectiveness of Knowledge Management Systems
  • Knowledge management in Web-Based Systems 
  • Management of Social and Human Capital
  • Social and ethical problems in knowledge management

In 2015 the Press was awarded category B with the score of 8 for the volumes printed in Polish and English.

  • Index ISSN: 1732-324X. 
  • Categories according to Thomson-Reuters: 
  • education & educational research, management, computer science, artificial intelligence, information systems, interdisciplinary applications.
  • Scientific disciplines: Management sciences; the discipline of economic sciences.
  • Language of the publication: Polish, English 

The Press publications are indexed in:

  • Polska Bibliografia Bibliologiczna
  • EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  • Index Copernicus (journal ID: 7085)

Editorial team

  • The Editor-in-Chief of the Press is Arkadiusz Januszewski, Assoc. Prof. 
  • Our publications are edited by Content editors for respective volumes, Scientific Committee and Reviewers 
  • Statistics editor: Leszek Knopik, Assoc. Prof. 
  • Press secretary: Elżbieta Łopatkowa
  • Editor: Marek Sikora, PhD
  • Technical editor: Waldemar Kępa, MSc 

Press address

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Zarządzania Wiedzą
ul. Fordońska 430 lok. 306
85-790 Bydgoszcz

Tel.: +48 52 340 8180, +48 52 340 8181
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please note the quality of the articles published which should demonstrate a perfect knowledge of the field of science, provided with adequate citations of the applicable literature.