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Evaluation of the utility of knowledge representation languages in domain ontologies using the MLP method

Ryszard Budziński, Waldemar Wolski, Jarosław Becker, Paweł Ziemba
knowledge representation, MLP, AHP, ontology, knowledge base

The article covers the issues of knowledge representation languages in domain ontologies: LOOM, OCML, OWL, FLogic, SHOE, RDF(S), Ontolingua, and OWL2. The aim of the undertaken and described studies is the evaluation of utility of these languages using the MLP method and the ability to improve the properties of the selected language, which has a high applicability in the construction of the domain ontologies. The result is a ranking of languages based on the assessment in the form of MLP utility functions with preference attributes specified with the AHP method and also is to show the possibility of simulation and improvement of attribute properties of the selected language.

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