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Multidimensional analysis and prediction of the OfficeObjects® WorkFlow process performance

Anna Staniszczak, Witold Staniszkis
business process performance, process mining, online-analytical processing, MDX analytical queries, queuing network models, mean value analysis (MVA)

We present a methodology and the associated business process design tools supporting performance-oriented design of workflow processes controlling the administrative procedures executed in the eGovernment environment. First of all we position our work in the context of the process mining technology concentrating on the process conformance checking and the model enhancement aspects. Further we discuss the OfficeObjects® WorkFlow run-time meta model and the associated business process performance model. Subsequently we present the principal steps of the performance-oriented design methodology discussing a real life performance case. The principal steps of the methodology entail specification of the OLAP view of the process event logs based on the Mondrane engine executing MDX analytical queries and the business process performance prediction with the use of the MVA queueing network model.

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