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Automate procedures of degradation research of a machine state with the usage of vibration methods

Mariusz Żółtowski, Bogdan Żółtowski
assessment of the state, forecasting of the state, diagnostic symptoms, the optimization procedure

This paper presents selected problems connected with automation of procedures involved in assessment of machine degradation degree using vibration method with special emphasis on the machine state prognosis. The current knowledge of these problems is not sufficient and needs further research on data processing, analysis of efficiency of diagnostic and prognostic procedures, collection and selection of diagnostic parameters and development of automatic procedures for recognition and prognosis of a machine state. New solutions and different aspects of diagnostic prognosis based on the proposed partial procedures focus on factors determining automation of procedures for identification of technical systems states. New automated procedures for acquisition and processing of symptoms indicating the machine state provide better possibilities of control and supervision of technical systems operation and maintenance through identification of their current states, and its good prognosis.

It is possible with the use of many original solutions in the field of automation including methods and procedures of computer aided research, modeling of degradation degree of engineering objects, system supporting decision making, classification and standardization.

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