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Computer networks and multimedia techniques in development of virtual organisations and e-commerce

Bernard F. Kubiak, Antoni Korowicki
computer networks, multimedia techniques, virtual organizations, VO management
and information systems, reorganising processes in OV, IT systems (R-3), tools (ALE)
KUBIAK ANTONI KOROWICKI Wydział Zarządzania Uniwersytet Gdański COMPUTER NETWORKS AND MULTIMEDIA TECHNIQUES IN DEVELOPMENT OF VIRTUAL ORGANISATIONS AND E-COMMERCE Summary The study presents the dynamic development and integration of computer networks, multimedia and infomedia, as well as their application in virtualising business (virtual) organisations activities. On the background of characteristics of networks, multimedia, virtual organisations (VO) types, functioning and information systems (IOS), the authors discuss their interrelations and progressing global integration which created conditions for OV effective functioning on the global scale. The two-level nature of VO management systems and information systems has been shown together with the necessity of continuous reengineering of business processes in order to retain the competitiveness of OV and their partner enterprises. Moreover, the article discusses latest directions and forms of reorganising processes in OV, as well as IT systems (R-3) and tools (ALE) optimising these processes.
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