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Information gaining and efficiency of its practical using (in example of zachodniopomorskie province)

Jolanta Kondratowicz-Pozorska, Jakub Szpon
sources of information, types of information, methods of information using
DRATOWICZ-POZORSKA JAKUB SZPON Akademia Rolnicza w Szczecinie INFORMATION GAINING AND EFFICIENCY OF ITS PRACTICAL USING (IN EXAMPLE OF ZACHODNIOPOMORSKIE PROVINCE) Summary From the point of view that on making decision in 80% effects good information, it research the role of information in rural economy. This task was accomplished in two periods. First relied on exerting instrument of marketing systems which pro- motes in fast information flow and company development. Second relied on proving that degree of knowledge utilization which comes from employee of advisory institu- tions doesn’t depend on their efforts only, but also from cultivator individual factors.
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