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Classification of countries belonging to the european union with respect to the internet usage

Hanna Dudek, Monika Krawiec
information technology, internet usage, cluster analysis
MONIKA KRAWIEC SGGW Warszawa CLASSIFICATION OF COUNTRIES BELONGING TO THE EUROPEAN UNION WITH RESPECT TO THE INTERNET USAGE Summary The new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have made a great impact on all aspects of European society and economy changing the way in which people do business, how they learn and spend their leisure time. They are also becoming a major force behind the global development. Access to these technologies is spreading rapidly. In the last few years the dependence on and increasing impor- tance of the Internet have grown significantly. Thus the aim of the paper is to pro- vide a classification of European Union members with respect to the Internet usage by the use of multivariate data analysis on the base of statistical data obtained from EUROSTAT.
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