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Some remarks on the concept of fairness in the supporting of consensus reaching processes

Dominika Gołuńska, Janusz Kacprzyk
decision support systems, consensus reaching process, fairness, fair distribution, soft
consensus, fair decision, fair resource allocation

We briefly present the ides of a new approach to a more effective and human consistent supporting of consensus reaching based on the concept of fairness. Our approach combines a formal, fuzzy logic based direction to the derivation of the con- cept of a (degree of) “soft” consensus proposed by Kacprzyk and Fedrizzi [10,11], with roots in Kacprzyk’s [6, 7] concept of a fuzzy mnajority, and then further devel- oped and implementd by Kacprzyk and Zadrożny [15–17] and some new directions in multiperson decision theory and decision analysis that are based on some results of social, cognitive economic, psychological, etc. sciences that advocate the inclusion of some sort of fairness. In our case, we propose the idea of a fairness based consensus reaching process, and its support, taking into account two aspectss: a fair distribution (fair resource allocation) and a fair final decision. We emphsize benefits resulting from the implementation of proposed concept in group decision support systems, no- tably those related to consensus reaching, and indicate some fruitful directions of a further model development.

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