About the Association

The idea of launching the Polish Association for Knowledge Management goes back to 2002 initiated by the participants of the conference Multiaccess Computer Systems. 

Logo PSZWOn January 14, 2003 the founding congress of 'the Polish Association for Knowledge Management' (PSZW) was held; the statute was passed and the governing bodies of the Association – elected. On May 30, 2003 in the Regional Court in Bydgoszcz, the 13th Economic Division of the National Court Register, the Polish Association for Knowledge Management was registered under no KRS 0000163221. Prof. Ludosław Drelichowski of the UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz (the then Academy of Technology and Agriculture) has become President of the Association. 

The members include representatives of 26 schools of higher education from all across Poland, public servants and corporate employees. The PSZW statutory objective is to support the development of publicising achievements of organizational, legal and scientific grounds for the knowledge creation and processing, especially:

  • supporting scientific research in all the fields taking part in knowledge management processes, considering IT methods and means;
  • sharing knowledge management systems experience and scientific and teaching achievements;
  • integrating the communities of scientists and practitioners for the development of Polish knowledge-based economy.

The operation of the Association involves:

  1. organizing scientific seminars, symposia and conferences; 
  2. providing educational activity;
  3. developing expertises and opinions; organizing and acting as the middle-man in scientific exchange: domestic and international;
  4. providing a publishing activity.

The papers are published in the reviewed Publication, Studies & Proceedings of Polish Association for Knowledge Management (over 2004-2010 Series: Studia i Materiały Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Zarządzania Wiedzą). Today the Press has been awarded category B, score 8 for the volumes printed in Polish and English.