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the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to PSZW

Welcome to the website of the Polish Association for Knowledge Management (PSZW).

The scientific journal "Studies & Proceedings of Polish Association for Knowledge Management" (Index ISSN: 1732-324X) is published by the Polish Association for Knowledge Management (PSZW), compliant with the statutes. The S&PPAKM journal is found on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education scoring journals list, category B and it scores 8. The journal publishes original reviewed scientific papers on Knowledge Management, considering IT methods and means as well as knowledge management systems. There are also published articles on the knowledge transfer and processing as well as papers on the support, development and publicising the scientific achievements in Knowledge Management.


The section Publications covers all the articles published over 2004-2016. Current volume 80, published in 2016, includes 20 reviewed scientific publications, provided on 233 sites.

  • In 2015 the publishing house received a category B with 8 points for the volumes printed in Polish and English.
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