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Linguistic summaries of time series: on some extended aggregation techniques

Janusz Kacprzyk, Anna Wilbik
Słowa kluczowe
time series analysis, fuzzy logic, natural language, computing with words, linguistic
summaries, time series summarization
RZYK ANNA WILBIK1 Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences LINGUISTIC SUMMARIES OF TIME SERIES: ON SOME EXTENDED AGGREGATION TECHNIQUES Summary We further extend our approach to the linguistic summarization of time series (cf. Kacprzyk, Wilbik and Zadrożny) in which an approach based on a calculus of linguistically quantified propositions is employed, and the essence of the problem is equated with a linguistic quantifier driven aggregation of partial scores (trends). We proceed towards a multicriteria analysis of summaries by assuming as a quality criterion Yager’s measure of informativeness that combines in a natural way the measures of truth, focus and specificity, to obtain a more advanced evaluation of summaries. The use of the informativeness measure for the purpose of a multicriteria evaluation of linguistic summaries of time series seems to be an effective and efficient approach, yet simple enough for practical applications. Results on the summarization of quotations of an investment (mutual) fund are very encouraging.
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