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A practical approach to computer system architecture for an agro-food industry information centre

Hubert Zarzycki, Eugenia Fronczak
Keywords: computer system architecture, agro-food industry, Oracle Application Server, Oracle HTTP Serwer, PL/SQL Web Toolkit, Oracle Process Management and Notification,
Oracle Application Server 11g, Oracle Application Server WebCache
CIATION FOR KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Series: Studies & Proceedings No. 33, 2010 248 HUBERT ZARZYCKI EUGENIA FRONCZAK University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgo szcz A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO COMPUTER SYSTEM ARCHITECTUR E FOR AN AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRY INFORMATION CENTRE Summary This article presents the architecture of a compute r system with a remote access to the database of the agro-food industry. T he developed model of the cooperation centre demonstrates the methods and tec hniques of construction, which comprise the usage of information technology to pro cess data representing traditional affiliations of the agrarian manufactur ers and food processing enterprises and groceries revenues. The database so lution is in particular connected with the movement of the flux and physical transfer of the products from the production location to the processing and distribut ion, and with the technical means and software application choice essential to the re alization of the communication and information function and with the data means fo r the tech and code infrastructure within the created data warehouses.
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