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Vibration measure as information On machine technical condition

diagnostic inference, vibration measure, vibrodiagnostics

Well-known vibroacoustic methods of object diagnosing were applied in machine diagnostics. A significant part of machine reliability is the vibration level that could be dangerous for machine technical state. The disturbance of the balance state is the reason for vibration formation in machine parts. This vibration can exist and propagate even after their source expiration. Vibrations draw ahead in every mechanical object. Vibrations could be essential just after crossing a certain threshold marked by amplitude and frequency of the phenomenon. They can be harmful to an object after crossing this threshold of vibration, or to its surroundings (e.g.: a decrease in the durability of the material). An engineering application "Symptoms generation" allows to process the vibroacoustic signal from the vibration amplitude of time domain to chosen estimators of the vibration process. Applicability possibilities of the application to estimator obtainment of the signal were introduced in this paper.

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