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Geodepozyt e-service within an interactive geo-location of the hazardous substances deposit

Bogdan Wit, Marek Malendowski
e-service, WebGIS system, hazardous substances
Lublin University of Technology MAREK MALENDOWSKI MPWiK, Lublin “GEODEPOZYT” E-SERVICE WITHIN AN INTERACTIVE GEO-LOCATION OF THE HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES DEPOSIT 1 S ummary This scientific paper analyses the prototype of the web application WebGIS “Ge- oDepozyt” that is applied within online networking as a geo-location/geo-tracking interactive map. The purpose of the functioning of this application is an e-service for entrepreneurs, which facilitates the transportation of the hazardous substances. The “GeoDepozyt” application has been created in response to the high demand expressed by entrepreneurs and local governments’ administration and their concern with effi- cient management of the evidence processes and monitoring of hazardous substances. The application has been designed as a part of the development project “An integrated system for asbestos stored in the underground deposits management in order to make it innocuous and contribute to a sustainable development of Eastern Poland”; the project financing was granted by NCBiR (National Center for Research and Develop- ment).
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