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Development process framework for software based on open-source components: key concepts

Jakub Swacha, Karolina Muszyńska, Zygmunt Drążek
open source software, software adaptation, development methodology
A KAROLINA MUSZYŃSKA ZYGMUNT DR ćEK Szczecin University DEVELOPMENT PROCESS FRAMEWORK FOR SOFTWARE BASED ON OPEN-SOURCE COMPONENTS: KEY CONCEPTS S ummary The open source community produces a wide range of software products every year. If a problem is typical, the probability is high that there is an open-source soft- ware product already available that solves it. However, if a set of functionalities and/or non-functional requirements demanded by end-users is carefully compared to what the available software offers, significant differences often appear. This means it is not a routine case that an open source system can simply be adopted; it has to be adapted frequently. In this paper, we propose a new process framework for developing software based on open-source components. We call it FEChADO, which is an acro- nym for the six steps it consists of: finding available solutions, evaluating solutions from the list, choosing the most appropriate solution, adapting the solution, develop- ing new modules and obtaining users’ feedback. The framework is a direct result of these authors’ practical experiences from developing software based on open-source components. This paper is an extended version of the poster -to be presented at the 14th Inter- national Conference on Enterprise Information Systems in Wroclaw, Poland [14].
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