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Steganography in e-commerce: possibilities and applications

Volodymyr Mosorov, Marian Niedźwiedziński
steganography, security, e-commerce
OSOROV MARIAN NIEDWIEDZIŃSKI University of Lodz STEGANOGRAPHY IN E-COMMERCE: POSSIBILITIES AND APPLICATIONS S ummary The rapid growth in e-commerce applications via the Internet in the past decades is the reason that both small offices and corporations need to protect their data. This transactional data includes sensitive documents transfer, digital signatures authenti- cation and digital data storage. Steganography is a technique of hiding information in a way that is publicly avail- able, but this fact is still not known publicly. The usage of steganography for infor- mation security in various e-commerce applications through the Internet will be dis- cussed in this article. These applications include digital signatures authentication and validation of electronic documents, digital data storage as well as secure communica- tion of multimedia data through open channels.
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