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A novel approach to panoramic gallery management using the example of the Balticmuseums 2.0 website

Agnieszka Miluniec, Karolina Muszyńska, Jakub Swacha, Zygmunt Drążek
virtual tours, panoramic gallery management, web-based system
ILUNIEC KAROLINA MUSZYŃSKA JAKUB SWACHA ZYGMUNT DR ćEK Szczecin University A NOVEL APPROACH TO PANORAMIC GALLERY MANAGEMENT USING THE EXAMPLE OF THE BALTICMUSEUMS 2.0 WEBSITE S ummary The paper describes a novel approach to management of panoramic galleries in which a web-based system is used to configure and manage panoramic gallery without need for IT personnel with highly specialized skills. The proposed solution is fully configurable, and allows for the augmentation of the gallery with various types of interactive and multimedia objects, such as boxes, banners and maps and an environ- ment for creating simple games set up within a gallery. The solution has been implemented and applied in practice for a website promot- ing South Baltic oceanographic museums (www.balticmuseums.net).
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